Vienna Statement

Vienna Statement

The world’s natural history museums are institutions that define and interpret relationships between life, community and the world through the assmbly and display of objects, experience, and the environment.

  • We undertake scientific research on global, regional and local scales.
  • Our 20 million exhibitions and websites play host to one billion visitors annually, with a further 2 billion visitors to websites. (note: will be updated to include zoo and aquarium statistics)
  • We hold 60 billion objects of irreplaceable natural heritage that record the evidence of change in biodiversity.(note: will be updated to include zoo and aquarium statistics)
  • Tell stories about tangible and intangible natural heritage and Earth system dynamics, for the benefit of future generations.

Natural history museums support the aims of the Earth Summit 2012 through the building and preservation of collections that record the evidence of change in biodiversity.

Furthermore, natural history museums are committed to the use of their collections for supporting scientific research that would work towards creating a sustainable biosphere economy with equable benefit sharing for all.

Natural history museums will also continue to connect all people with the natural environment through their exhibition and education programmes.

We, the International Committee for Natural History Museum and Collection withinICOM, and the signatories, support:

  • Positive actions towards global change, including the aims of the Earth Summit in 2012
  • All activities that promote sustainability
  • Raising awareness and involvement of people about ecosystem management
  • Protection of nature in balance with a green economy.
    (adopting the ecosystem services approach in green economics)

We request from the world’s governments:

  • Support the world’s natural history collecting institutions in their role of connecting the public to the world’s natural environments and fostering responsible resource use.
  • Ensure that national policies are informed by sound science.
  • Link national agendas to a common goal of sustainability.

Let’s change the world together.

Join us and make a difference by supporting our work.