Juniperus squamata

Juniperus squamata

Nanhu Beishan, Nan'ao Township, Yilan County, Taiwan Province Taiwan / Sep 29, 2017

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Juniperus squamata (flaky juniper or Himalayan juniperChinese: 高山柏 gao shan bai) is a species of juniper native to the Himalayas and China, from northeastern Afghanistan east to western Yunnan in southwestern China, and with disjunct populations north to western Gansu and east to Fujian. It grows at 1,600-4,900 m altitude.It represents the provincial tree of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (unofficial).

It is a coniferous evergreen shrub (rarely a small tree) reaching 2–10 m tall (rarely 15 m), with flaky brown bark, and a prostrate to irregularly conical crown. The leaves are broad needle-like, 3–9 mm long, arranged in six ranks in alternating whorls of three, and often strongly glaucous blue-green in colour. The cones are berry-like, globose to ovoid, 4–9 mm long and 4–6 mm diameter, glossy black, and contain one seed; they are mature in about 18 months. The male cones are 3–4 mm long, and shed their pollen in early spring. It is largely dioecious, with pollen and seed cones produced on separate plants, but occasionally monoecious.

The Latin specific epithet squamata means small, scale-like leaves.


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